Disinfector Patch Notes

0.1 - The Birth Date

 First publicly available version of the game!

0.2 - The Gamemodes Update

 Added 2 new gamemodes: Speedrun and Versus.

Added title menu.

Changed top-left counter colour from Aqua to Yellow.

Added key to getting to the title (Escape).

0.3 -  The Options Update

Added title screen background music.

Added extra mode to Versus gamemode: Experimental.

Added difficulty to Disinfect mode.

The title screen looks cooler.

0.4 - The Maps Update (In developement)

Adding more maps to every gamemode!

You can submit a map on our public discord. There are instructions there.


Disinfector 0.3 EXP.zip 4 MB
May 21, 2017

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